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Detect Fraud Fast with These 3 Red Flags

Fraud threats are constantly looming for small business owners. The best way to prevent them is by identifying the warning signs as early as possible. Here are 3 red flags to watch for.

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3 Smart Ways to Use Financing to Grow Your Business

Financing can be key to helping you achieve your business's growth goals. Learn how you can use financing to invest in technology, improve inventory management, and expand to new locations, and which financing options may be the best choice for each venture.


Tapping into Social Media to Grow Your Business

Maintaining a strong presence for your business on social media can play a big role in helping you network more effectively. Read these five tips to find out how.


Small Business is a Big Deal – Infographic

Small businesses are vital to the U.S. economy, providing goods, services and jobs to millions of people.


Keep It Simple: Better Payment Management for Your Business

Refining your business's payments management is one of the best ways to improve cash flow and benefit your business. Use these best practices to enhance the speed, efficiency, and securities of your payments - both payables and receivables.


5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Content marketing helps you build trust and relationships with your leads and customers. Consider implementing these 5 strategies into your content marketing program.

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How to Win the Talent War: Employee Perks that can Attract Top Talent

What are the corporate perks that can win over the best employee talent? Learn from the top companies with the best benefits.

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Small Business Resources for Women in Business

A list of small business resources to help women in business navigate available opportunities. Some of these resources are exclusive to women-owned businesses.

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Try It, You’ll Like It: Haitian Food Business Wins People Over

Blonde Beauchamp tells the story of how she introduced Haitian food to a new region.


Keep on Truckin’: Perseverance Can Lead to Food Truck Success

Morad Bouzidi had a difficult journey towards success for his food truck, but persistence paid off.

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Entrepreneur Goes Top Shelf for the Win

How a young entrepreneur turned a superstitious tradition into a thriving cookie business.

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Going All In: 3 Things to Consider Before Leaving a Job to Start a Business

Teresa Maynard discusses how she left a promising career to start her own cupcake business.

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Top 5 Marketing Tips from Maria Veltre, CMO of Santander Bank

Looking for marketing advice for your small business? Santander Bank’s CMO Maria Veltre offers her top 5 tips.

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What is an SBA Loan?

Learn more about SBA loans and their requirements to help determine if it’s a good fit for your company.

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Small Business Strategies that Make a BIG Difference

Santander highlights how business owners can improve cash flow, reach new customers on a limited budget and fund growth.