Watch our Ask a Banker video to learn about the benefits of having your business checking account and business banking relationship with the same bank.

The “Ask a Banker” series features our knowledgeable team of bankers and staff answering your questions in their area of expertise. In our latest video, Jodi Rattiner, Small Business Relationship Manager in Ocean, New Jersey, covers the importance of a business owner’s relationship with their bank and ways this relationship can help grow their business.

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Hi, my name is Jody Rattiner and I'm a small business relationship manager at Santander Bank. My question is, “what is the benefit of having my business checking account and business banking relationship with the same bank?” Having your business checking account and business banking relationship with one bank allows for a more comprehensive picture of your financial status and history. A competent bank and banker will examine the business or client's individual situation and make recommendations for different services or products offered by the bank to develop the financial well being of the customer to help them achieve all of their goals. The banker can assess the client's portfolio and make recommendations for partners that are suitable fit for the business, such as experts in merchant services, payroll or cash management. With an in-depth overview of a client's financial situation, business and personal, a banker can effectively advise the client on the best path forward to meet their needs. A small business owners relationship with their bank is one of the most important business relationships with bankers and banks play a vital role in growing your business by advising on financing options if needed and maximizing business funds and helping the business achieved their goals. When your banker is familiar with your business inside now, they can help you prosper. If you have any more questions on how a bank should work with you and your business, reach out to your local Santander small business relationship manager for help. For more ideas to help run your business visit Santander's Business First at


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