Younger workers can be a great addition to your workforce. Here's how "Zoomer" employees can bring big benefits to your business.

If you are looking to expand your workforce, don’t let years of experience or training stand in the way of potential rock star candidates.

For many businesses, finding and hiring the right talent is a huge undertaking, and with the competition in the marketplace, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right fit for your company, both from a technical standpoint and a company cultural fit. That along with the Great Resignation and many employees looking to retire can leave you short-staffed and stressed. But, thankfully, there’s a new generation of employees who’ve graduated and are looking for work: Zoomers, or Generation-Z. Zoomers bring some exciting new things to the table that you really want to consider for your own workforce. Here are the top three reasons I think it’s important to look at the younger generation of candidates.

They Understand the Digital Landscape

Candidates new to the workforce may lack formal experience in many business software platforms, but as a generation who grew up with iPads, cellphones, and personal computers, technology is an inherent skill set for younger candidates. They understand the ins and outs of software and are able to pick up new platforms with ease. They all used technology in their college courses, and are comfortable using email and various project management tools. They may prove invaluable in helping pick platforms for your growing business by keeping up with trends and the newest software developments on the market. When interviewing a younger candidate, ask them what platforms they have worked with in the past and look for similarities in your own software lineup. For instance, if a candidate is skilled in one design program, they can likely operate others with ease once they are given the opportunity to learn.

They Will Help Strengthen Your Company Culture

Younger workers often value work-life balance, open communication channels, and value- centric leadership and will seek out opportunities for such in their careers. If this is something that’s important to you as a leader and a business owner, Zoomers will not only seek out positions with your company but will help strengthen your culture by holding themselves to the same values. There’s an opportunity to put younger workers in HR and management positions, as they will help uphold the culture and help create value within the business.

They Are Independent

Workers who value technology and work-life balance also tend to be more independent in their work habits. They are creative and able to research and solve their own problems (thanks to their innate ability to Google). This means that managing them is a breeze. Give a Zoomer the tools to do their job well and the ability to have a good work-life balance and you will have a happy employee who creates value for your business.

If you are looking to expand your workforce, don’t let years of experience or training stand in the way of potential rock star candidates. With the right coaching and training, the younger workers entering the workforce might be just what your business needs to reach its goals even faster.

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