Partners Edward Radetich and George Saitta reflect on the hard work that evolved their practice into a full-service accounting firm with national clients. (2:47)

Radetich and Saitta

Ed Radetich and George Saitta

Partners at Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP

Ed Radetich and George Saitta planned strategically for growth by identifying and meeting customer needs not addressed by other firms. Santander supports these initiatives by providing the products and services to help make their plans reality.

We have national reputations and have provided services for so many different clients all over the country to meet their needs in an ever-changing environment. Hi, I’m Ed Radetich, Executive Partner with Heffler Radetich & Saitta here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The firm was founded by Jacob Heffler back in 1946. For many years, we were just a small local practice. George Satir, one of my partners… we actually started in the early 1970s, became partners in the 1980s and the name of the firm again changed to Heffler Radetich & Saitta. Today we’re a full-service accounting firm with a couple of different specialties and we have approximately 100 employees on board. I’ve always wanted to be an accountant. Ed Radetich, he worked for Jack Heffler. And so Ed was working claims, I was working the healthcare accounting business, and we went from eight to nine people to where we are now. And it’s been a good run, but it’s been a lot of hard work. One of the things that I think that sets us apart from other people is service. Jack Heffler, if anything he drove into us, was “service, service, service”. Don’t worry about getting paid. Worry about giving the client service. You know we get a lot of work just from you know word of mouth. I think it’s what really separates us from the from the bigger firms. We provide traditional accounting services that you would expect from CPA firms: tax services, audit services, write up services. But in addition, we’ve developed two niches that really set us apart from some of our competitors. One is healthcare in which we have been able to perform Medicare audits on behalf of the federal government as a result of what a health care practice as it relates to reimbursement type issues. In addition, we’re one of the first firms that really got involved in doing the administration requests actions. You know, technology has really changed the way we do things. What we see today is not what we’re going to see tomorrow. We spend a lot of time just trying to develop new niches, develop new products, develop new ideas. You have to be on your “A game”. You have to be on your “A game” all the time and that keeps you invigorated. We’ve put together a fairly aggressive growth plan and we really needed a bank that could grow with us, that could provide us both working capital and some long-term term debt, and Santander was right there. They understood what our needs were, and they have delivered on their promise to grow with us. We see Santander there in the future, working together with them has been a great partnership and I think we both can help each other.


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