CEO Ray Doran invented an innovative glass coating product that has a bright future of wide-scale applications across industries. (2:32)

Ray Doran

Ray Doran

CEO of Crystal Fusion Technologies

Ray Doran pursues success by leveraging Santander’s global reach and broad financial capabilities as he grows his company and expands into new markets.

In 2002 we began our R&D on hydrophobic coating and then in 2007 we launched Crystal Fusion out to the dealer network in the United States. Currently today we operate in about 4,000 auto dealers in the U.S. market segment. My name is Ray Doran. I’m the CEO for Crystal Fusion Technologies. Crystal Fusion fills in the hills valleys and peaks of glass and then it caps it, reduces glare makes the glass harder to crack, chip, break or bruise. As you can see by this jar, half is treated with our product, half is not and the half that’s not treated obviously the mud or the substrate within the jar will adhere and stick to. The side that is treated nothing wants to adhere to. I really believe that first and foremost we are a service business and my number one priority is making sure that our customers and our clients are taken care of, even in the existing market segment when we have continued growth every month. I was going for a mortgage on a building that we were looking to purchase, and the business banker for Santander suggested ways that they could help us. They came in with a phenomenal rate and a phenomenal program. We’ve been able to grow our business in many ways with Santander, which is great. Santander offered us remote capture for our checking needs to get the business into the bank quicker without actually having to go. In addition, they have a great merchant program which we’ve been able to capitalize on, allowing us to expand our business for the merchant side with credit cards and things of that nature. Today a lot of our small businesses want to get points on their credit cards, so they’d rather pay with credit cards than send checks. Fortunately for us, our international business is growing daily. We now operate in 22 countries so having a banking partner that has the ability to reach and work with us within those markets and those different countries is exceptional. First and foremost, we are a service business and my number one priority is making sure that clients are taken care of.


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