President and CEO Gavin Finn discusses his company’s innovative use of virtual reality to help clients bring their marketing stories to life. (2:25)

Gavin Finn

Gavin Finn

President and CEO of Kaon Interactive

Gavin Finn’s focus is on producing cutting edge technology solutions for his clients while attracting and retaining top talent. Santander helps by providing financing to support his unique approach to innovation.


Many companies are using virtual reality today to create interesting experiences. We’re already transforming what people are doing with games into really important marketing and sales touch points using virtual reality and augmented reality. Hi, my name’s Gavin Finn. I’m the president and CEO of Kaon Interactive. We specialize in creating interactive applications that help our customers convey their competitive value to their customers. It’s very challenging to articulate the value differentiators when your solution is very complicated. We created a cloud-based application delivery and content update environment so that our customers can create these interactive touch points for their customers everywhere in the world and keep them consistently updated and relevant. We have a motto: Stop presenting, start engaging. We believe that when our customer’s customers are engaged directly in understanding their products and solutions without being presented to, they understand at the deeper level. Kaon is really experiencing quite a significant growth demand. Finding great talent is a challenge. We have to compete with Facebook and Google and Microsoft and all of the high-tech innovators. As we were going through our growth planning, part of that strategy and long-term thinking was finding financial partners that could be a long-term integral part of our growth and strategic thinking and not just a short-term transactional kind of relationship. For Kaon, the Santander relationship has been more than just a banking relationship. From a strategic point of view, the ability to know and understand that we have the financial resources we will need to accomplish stretch objectives has given the confidence that we’ve needed in our management team.


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