Founder Mark Richey grew his woodworking operations from his basement to a company with national reach and 100+ employees. (2:37)

Mark Richey

Mark Richey

Founder and President of Mark Richey Woodworking

For Mark Richey, it’s about producing top-notch work and giving his employees the best possible working conditions. Santander has been there for him every step of the way and recently financed his new state-of-the-art facility.

Everyone here at Mark Richey, starting with me, is passionate about woodworking and we continue to show that enthusiasm and excitement for every project we do. Hi, my name is Mark Richey. I’m the founder and president here at Mark Richey Woodworking. I began in woodworking as an apprentice to a harpsichord builder and launched Mark Richey Woodworking in the basement of our Malden apartment. Met my wife Teresa. She became my partner, and we steadily grew the business and ended up here some 32 years later in Newburyport where we employ over 100 people. [Teresa Richey] When I met Mark, he was a student of architecture, a climber, and he had three little machines in a basement of his $300 a month apartment where he built beautiful furniture for family and friends. I’m Greg Porfido. I’m the chief operating officer of Mark Richey Woodworking. Mark Richey today is completely focused on commercial work now. We’re a national company; we work all over the country. We did back then, but our presence now is well known. We do monumental work: some of the best work in the country, some of the largest work in the country. We have always looked at ways we can do things better and always taken risks both with the hardware we use and the software we use to try to be a better company. I’m proud of the fact that we’ve built a company that is a great place to work. We’ve provided good paying jobs for over 100 people where they feel they have a home. To me that’s really important to have a place that is a good environment to work in. We’ve been working with Santander as long as I can remember. [Mark Richey] Santander made that first loan to us to purchase the building in Essex and changed our business. Gave us a property in a place that we could really start to build into a company and couldn’t have done it without the bank.


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