Having a strong online presence for your business can help drive traffic and engage new and returning visitors. In this short video we look into three strategies to build your business' online presence.

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Today, having a good website is a necessity for most businesses. Your website can set you apart from the competition and drive new business. To that end, here are three tips for optimizing your website to attract more traffic and engage more visitors. If yours is like most businesses, a lot of the people coming to your website will be viewing it on their phones. This means that if you haven’t optimized your site for mobile, these visitors will miss out on much of what you’re trying to communicate. Here are some ways to optimize your website for mobile visitors: - Use responsive design with web pages that cater to the visitors’ screen size and orientation - Ensure buttons and links are clear enough to read from a mobile screen - Compress the file size of any images so that pages load quickly A great way to build customer loyalty through your website is by using content marketing. Posting content can demonstrate expertise or highlight the benefits of your products or services. It also helps with search engine optimization. The content you produce could be a blog, a written article, a video, a podcast, or any other format that you choose. The key is to make it relevant and engaging to customers. Consistently producing high-quality content will keep your customers (and potential customers) coming back. Whether you love it or hate it, social media can be a powerful tool in promoting businesses, products and services. Strong integration between social media and your website can significantly amplify your message and extend your reach. You can use your social media presence to drive traffic to your website, and vice versa. When you publish new content or list a new product on your website, post about it on social media. And be sure to include a link back to your site. On your website, include links to your social media pages and encourage site visitors to follow them. Follow these three tips, and your website may help your business reach new heights. For more ideas to help make your business successful, visit Santander Business First at business hub dot Santander Bank dot com.


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