Looking for ways to broaden your small business network and bring in new clients despite a down economy? Watch our Ask a Banker video for ways to expand your business network and explore new client opportunities.

The “Ask a Banker” series features our knowledgeable team of bankers and staff answering your questions in their area of expertise. In our latest video, Rekha Khatwani, Senior Relationship Banker shares some tips for exploring new networks and client opportunities in a down economy.

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Hi, my name is Rekha Khatwani. I'm a senior relationship banker at Santander. My question is, “What are some of the best practices to find new clients in a down economy?” Despite a down economy, there's still ways to bring in new clients. Here are a few ways to broaden your small business network and find new client opportunities. Join the chamber or other industry type associations to network and collaborate with others for best practices, marketing your business with other local businesses. Consider using the Association for financial professionals as a resource. They have very good content on their website and continuing education courses and conferences. This is a great way to network with other business owners and potential clients. Coordinate a meeting with your inner circle banker, CPA, commercial insurance broker and perhaps your attorney. They may have suggestions that you haven't considered about different ways to position or innovate your business. Do your research on what type of businesses are thriving and which ones are surviving. Your inner circle will have some information on this, as well as your own research with other helpful resources such as a local Small Business Development Center, Center for Women, an enterprise, SCORE and more. Today, your marketing strategy against new audiences are you using the best channels are the ways for you to streamline your messaging. Think about things like social content marketing, loyalty programs, and website optimization. By exploring new networks and opportunities in your community, you may be able to reach new audiences despite any economic environment. For more ideas to help run your business, visit Santander business first add business hub dot Santander bank.com.


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